Ecuadorian customers come to our factory -Lude Transmission to inspect screw jack Sep 12 , 2019

On the morning of August 29, 2019, Ecuadorian customer Richard Davila C., and his his subordinate ,accompanied by our general manager and foreign sales manager, came to our  factory for a friendly visit. Richard Davila C. is a furniture of screw jacks with a large demand. After making the research, he found we're very specialized in screw jack field ,and very  approved  our  products .

The route visited by the customer is started according to the production process of the screw jack.The first is the production workshop. The main part is the processing of the screw and the worm, the processing of the casing, the hobbing of the worm wheel, and the assembly workshop. Secondly, the assembly workshop is mainly responsible for the assembly of the whole machine, and then the painting workshop and packaging workshop.Customers have given high evaluation to our company's product process and quality control of all links.

Through this visit to the factory, customers are more aware of our products, more assured of product quality, and increased trust in our company. Our company also passed this communication and got a more comprehensive understanding of the needs of the local market. Through this visit, I believe that we will usher in a more brilliant tomorrow in our respective fields.

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