Dam Gate Application Aug 21 , 2020

 Dam Gate Application

Heavy duty and self lock screw jack, special requirements stainless steel jack. 

Limit switches or prevent overtravel limiter for control full extension and retraction travel stroke, which installed on steel protective pipe cover.

Steel protective pipe cover for anti-dust under screw jack, gearbox, when full retraction stroke.


1.Inverted installation, tension load. with motor or hand wheel.

2.Translating screw with female thread rod clevis end.

3.Low speed gear ratio, screw jack reduction mechanism, geared motor.

4.Lifting screw total length = required stroke +foundation beam thickness+jack housing height+screw top end length.

5.Lifting speed about 160 mm/min ,  320mm/min. customized.  

6.Selection screw jack, consider : gate sizes, water pressure force, water impulsive force.

7.We have made water conservancy project :screw jack stroke :1000mm, 1300mm, 1500mm, 2500mm, 3500mm and etc. If need, please note: longer travel stroke , slower travel speed.

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