What Side Loads are Permitted on a Screw Jack? Nov 02 , 2017

Worm Gear Screw jacks are designed primarily to raise and lower loads and any side loads should be avoided. The units will withstand some side loads, depending on the diameter of the lifting screw and the extended length of the lifting screw. Where side loads are present, the loads should be guided and the guides, rather than the screw jacks, should take the side loads - particularly for worm screw jack with long stroke. Even a small side load can exert great force on the housings and bearings and increase the operating torque and reduce the life expectancy.

Permissible side load Fr(N)

When operating side load exceeds critical side load, please add guiding device,for example:

Lude Transmission suggests that whenever  single worm screw jack or multiple screw jacks arrangement is used,much attention should be paid to the side load.

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