What should be paid attention to when selecting screw jack ? Apr 16 , 2019

When selecting screw jacks, we should pay attention to the following questions .

1.The capacity load of the screw jack. Whether it is static load, dynamic load, or impact load , can not exceed the maximum load allowed to bear.

2.The speed ratio of the screw jack. The speed ratio of the screw jack is generally divided into normal and slow speed, which needs to be determined according to the actual use.

3.The connection mode between the jack and the motor . The connection type has the flange direct type and the biaxial type.

4.Conditions and working time of the screw jack . The surface temperature should be controlled within the range of -15°~80 when running the jack . When the ambient temperature is lower than 0, the efficiency of the whole machine will decrease due to the change of the viscosity of the lubricating oil, so it is necessary to select a sufficient driving source.

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trapezoidal screw jacks

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