How much do you know about the ball screw jack Apr 16 , 2019

Ball Screw Jacks use a ball screw and nut made from hardened alloy steel with hardened bearing balls carrying the load between nut and screw.This rolling action reduces friction between the nut and the screw permitting smooth and efficient movement of the load.

The difference between a ball screw jack and a machine screw jack is  that it uses a high precision ball screw. The ball screw can be used in a wide range of applications. The ball screw has high precision, low pollution, long life and high speed forward reversal. Therefore, it has become a standard accessory in the field of precision machinery in recent years. The ball screw is used on the lift to help the screw jack have higher positioning accuracy, lower noise, faster speed and a significant increase in efficiency. Therefore, the ball screw jack is more suitable  in high-speed high-frequency environments.

The ball screw jack, whose thermal expansion  prone to cause a decrease in accuracy have always been a question for customers. In fact, if you want to pay attention to this situation, we must note that , not only the heat caused by ball friction, but also the operation of mechanical parts such as motors or gear boxes. Therefore, when using ball screw jack, we must take all the heat sources into account and calculate a better installation position so that the screw jack can operate more accurately.

If the working temperature is high, a separate cooling system can be loaded on the ball screw. Cooling down by cold air or oil mist, but air cooling is recommended because it will be more energy efficient.

The addition and replacement of ball screw jack grease is also a special consideration. Usually, the lubrication of the ball screw jack includes grease lubrication and oil lubrication, because the inside of the housing needs to be filled with grease to complete the lubrication, and the screw requires oil lubrication to be added inside the nut. So when you change, don’t forget the lubrication of the screw nut.

Above are some explanations and precautions for the ball screw jack from Lude Transmission. Hope pay more attention when purchasing and using, which can extend the service life and improve the efficiency of the screw jack .

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