What is the efficiency of a worm screw actuator multiple-unit arrangement? Sep 27 , 2017
Screw jack systems are widely used in theatre stage lifts, sheet steel and steel pipes production lines, coil sheet slitter lines, paint coating lines, rewinding lines, pickling lines,continuous hot dip galvanizing lines, spray infeed conveyor lift systems, wood working machines, plastics processing machines, textile machines, assembly equipment in the automobile and aircraft industries, food and beverage production equipments, packaging machines, adjusting synchronous coil feed lines rolls, feeder levelers and railway maintenance lifting platform.
screw jack system efficiency
When we choose multiple screw jack system,we should consider the efficiency.
The arrangement efficiency allows for misalignment due to slight deformation of the structure under load, for the losses in couplings and bearings, and for a normal amount of misalignment

in positioning the actuators and gear boxes. We use the following efficiencies (all standard units):

Two Worm Screw Actuator Arrangement - 95%
Three Worm Screw Actuator Arrangement - 90%
Four Worm Screw Actuator Arrangement - 85%

Six or Eight Worm Screw Actuator Arrangement - 80%

Notes: don't ignore bevel gearbox efficiency 98%

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