The installation, use and maintenance of the bevel gearbox Mar 09 , 2018

Bevel gearbox, also known as bevel gear reducer, is a kind of power transmission mechanism, is a series of reducer, in the industrial field has a very wide range of applications. The bevel gearbox has now been standardized and diversified. The following is some information about the installation, use and maintenance of the bevel gearbox!

The installation of the bevel gearbox
A. The bevel gearbox can only be installed on a flat, shock resistant, torsional support structure.

B. In any case, do not allow the use of hammer pulleys, couplings, etc. in small gear or sprocket on the output shaft, this will damage the bearing and shaft.

Use and maintenance
A. After the  bevel gearbox is installed, check whether it is flexible. For formal use, it is necessary to carry out an empty test and gradually load operation in the case of normal operation.
B. The bevel gearbox is strictly forbidden to exceed the rated load.
C. The bevel gearbox should be checked whether the oil level is normal before and during the operation.
spiral bevel gearbox
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