Benifits of Electric Linear Actuators Mar 16 , 2018
Industrial applications use three basic types of linear actuators: pneumatic, hydraulic and electric. In nearly all cases, an electrical actuator will prove to be the better choice due to a unique combination of characteristics.What are the benefits of Electric Linear Actuators compared with Pneumatic or hydraulic Systems?
These advantages may include:

Good Performance

Long lasting performance
Extended reliability
Integrated design
Reduced component count
Pre-engineered system including actuator, servo drive and software
Easy set up and installation

More precise

Electrical actuators provide a much finer level of control throughout the entire motion process enabling the force, speed and torque to vary at different stages during the motion. This capability helps reduce operating cost and increase throughput by reducing the number of equipment changeovers required during a process or for product changeovers in manufacturing.

High Efficiency

Reduced maintenance
Reduced operating costs
Reduced energy consumption
Full range of options, sizes, and configurations
No leaks

Lower costs

An electrical actuator often costs less than hydraulic or pneumatic actuators with similar capabilities. Even if the initial acquisition cost is equivalent, electro-mechanical actuators cost less to maintain, are easier to install and are rugged and reliable for use in most every environment. Electrical actuators can maintain positioning of the load even without the continuous application of power, so they can be much less expensive to operate. In contrast, pneumatic actuators require a continuous flow of air pressure and a compressor that runs continuously to maintain a load. As stated previously, both pneumatic and hydraulic actuation systems are subject to leaks and hose failures under pressure.

While hydraulic and pneumatic actuators may have their place in certain applications, most engineers will find that clean, safe, quiet, flexible and economical electrical linear actuators are a better choice for most applications.Any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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