Heavy Duty Linear Actuator Aug 09 , 2018

Our heavy duty linear actuators load capacity can be from 2.5ton to 100ton. They can be of a trapezoidal-thread spindles (for intermittent duty applications) and balls crew spindles (for higher duty applications).

The actuators consist of a reduction gearbox (the in-line units utilize a two-stage planetary gearbox and the offset units utilize a three stage spur gearbox) and motor, driving either a trapezoidal-thread or ballscrew spindle.  The spindles can be directly driven or non-rotating, where the nut is driven instead.  They are protected against contamination by bellows or protective tubes and are continuously lubricated with an automatic lubrication system.

Ball screw actuator efficiency is more than for trapezoidal screw actuator, so it’s possible to use less motor power to obtain same performance. As per its design, it’s possible to mount an external encoder, not integrated in the motor, so to save money and complicated solution for the motor.

heavy duty linear actuator

They are usually used for applications requiring precise, controlled, linear motion with a high degree of safety are perfect for these drives.  Typical applications include sheet metal bending, hydraulic cylinder replacements, conveyor tensioning, and scissor-lift table drives.  Industries served include Material Handling, Automation and Automotive.

If you need for heavy duty linear actuator, welcome to contact us at china@ludetransmission.com.

heavy series linear actuator

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