Electric Linear Actuator for Sluice Gate Oct 18 , 2018

The electric linear actuator is a device that converts the rotational motion of an electric motor into linear motion (push or pull movement) and it can be used anywhere a machine pushes or pulls a load, raises or lowers a load, roughly positions a load, or rotates a load. It is has similar function as worm gear screw jack.

As we have mentioned in early articles, the trapezoidal worm gear screw jack can be used for sluice gate.In fact, electric linear actuator can also be used for sluice gate, usually it is light duty gate.

The following picture shows lighter duty Stainless Steel or Aluminum frames and blades using a compact controller system and Linear Actuators. Designed especially for On-Farm canal  and irrigation control, Check and Delivery gates, where the heaviest duty frame and actuator system is not required.

worm gear linear actuator

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