Ball Screw Jack Common Faults Aug 09 , 2018

We often say that the worm gear screw jack is divided into a trapezoidal screw lifter and ball screw jack. In contrast, these two kinds of elevators have their own advantages, but the specific use of which kind of elevator to match the working conditions depends on the requirements of the speed and load of the equipment. Of course, the accuracy of the ball screw lifter, speed and service life is higher than that of the ordinary trapezoidal screw lifter. It is better for customers with high standards to use the ball screw lifter.

No matter what machinery and equipment is used, if it is used for a long time or if it is used improperly, or if it is not properly maintained, there will be some big or small problems. Today, we come to tell everyone about the common problems and solutions of ball screw jacks.

ball screw lifter

1. Worm gear wear of ball screw jacks:

The worm gear of the lift is generally made of tin bronze, and the corresponding worm material is made of 45 steel. The wear of the lift during normal operation is very slow and some lifts can be used for more than 10 years. If the wear speed is high, it is necessary to consider whether the selection is correct, whether it is overloaded, and the reason about  the material, assembly quality or use environment of the worm gear.

2. Heat and leakage of the ball screw jack:

Worm gear screw lift generally use copper as a worm gear and worms use harder steel. Due to the rolling friction drive, more heat is generated during operation, which causes differences in the thermal expansion between the components of the elevator and the seal, thereby forming gaps in the mating surfaces, and the lubricating oil solution becomes thin due to an increase in temperature, which may cause leakage. .

There are three main reasons for this situation. One is the poor quality of the surface of the engaging friction surface; the second is the incorrect selection of the amount of lubricant added; and the third is the poor assembly quality and use environment. It will be fine if these points can be improved.

3. Ball Screw Lift Worm & Bearing Damaged

When the screw jack fails, even if the jack housing is well-sealed, it is often found that the gear oil in the ball screw jack is emulsified and the bearing is rusted, corroded, and damaged. This is because after the jack has run for a period of time, the condensate produced after the temperature of the lubricating oil rises and then cools is mixed with the water. Of course, it is also closely related to the bearing quality and assembly process.

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