Dual Worm Shaft SE Slewing Drive Oct 18 , 2018

According to the worm shaft, the slewing drive can be single worm shaft slewing drive and dual worm shaft slewing drive.

Compared with single worm slewing drive, the  dual worm slewing drive has some advantages.Binocular of SE can reach 2 times tooth contact on the basis of monocular, so that it can have double output torque in the same volume and installation space, which can greatly improve the product performance, and increase double holding torque at the same time.

Features of dual worm shaft slewing drive
●Customers have high requirement on torque, such as on the oil drilling platform, has specially designed the dual worm shaft slewing drive. It adopts copper worm gear, and has strong adhesion resistance and big torque.
●Dual worm shaft can drive the slewing bearing at the same time, and have bigger output torque. Its performance is superior to the structure of monocular.

Lude Transmission has a series of slewing bearing/ slewing drive for Truck crane, Aerial work vehicle, Welding positioner, Sprayer, Automatic pipeline, Wiping window machine, Sensitive medical equipment etc.When you need,just feel free to contact us at ludetransmission@gmail.com.

SE Enclosed Slewing Drive

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