Attention for ACME Screw Jack with Travelling Nut Apr 14 , 2018

When we choose single acme screw jack, there are two options,translating screw type and rotating nut type.
-  Model A – travelling screw
-  Model B – travelling nut
Which type should be chosen? That depends on the configuration and mounting details of

the application.

acme rotating screw jack

When we choose acme rotating screw jack, the followings should be paid attention:
- screw and nut lubrication
- acme screw protection
- only axial load can be applied on the translating nut referred to the rotating acme screw axis
- rotating screw end, especially in case of long stroke length and push load
- off-set or radial load applied on the nut may lead to dangerous misalignment between screw and

nut, so it is not permitted. If present, it must be supported by an appropriate, suitable solution.

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