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    Top-ranking products Stainless steel screw jack industrial worm screw jacks SJA/SJB
    SJA/SJB series SJA Control screw rotation Absolute mechanical synchronous lift system Safety nut design, monitoring the wear and tear of the product, eliminate hidden dangers And gear motor and all kinds of accessories module combination to meet customer requirements Load capacity range: 500 kg -100 tons Ball screw jack life calculation Ball screw jack SJB series life mainly depends on the life of the ball screw and worm gear and other components; we mainly check the life of the ball screw, the worm will wear, but life of the worm is generally longer than the ball screw. Life expectancy for ball screws L10 is the operating distance at which 90% of ball screws meet or exceed the fatigue life of metal materials. The unit is millions of millimeters. Ball screw life expectancy L10 is not a promise of durability, while life expectancy should need the correct maintenance, no pollutants and the correct lubrication. If the life expectancy of the ball screw needs to above 90%: then multiply the life expectancy by the following coefficients

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