Features of Worm Ball Screw Lift Dec 08 , 2017

Ball screw is the most commonly used machine tool and precision mechanical transmission components, its main function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, or torque into axial force, while both high precision, reversibility and high efficiency characteristics.

worm gear ball rotating screw lift

Ball screw pair work principle. Right amount of balls are put in between the screw and nut , making the sliding friction between the screw and nut convert into the rolling friction of the screw power. Ball screw pair’s function in the mechanical transmission is to turn the rotary motion to a linear motion, linear motion can also be turned into rotary motion.

Ball screw is generally composed of four parts, namely screw, nut, ball and ball circulation return device . At high or higher speed approved working load, variable working load and variable speed of the case,ball worm gear screw lift is recommended . Compared Ball screw pair with sliding screw pair, rolling friction is instead of sliding friction, therefore, worm gear ball jackscrew has the following characteristics:

High efficiency: Only a small drive source can get access to a great driving force;                 

High Speed: The speed is significantly improved than the lead screw, it can run easily and at high speed. 

Long service life: thanks to the high quality of the ball screw used, the working life can be increased by more than 3 times.               

Not self-locking, with the reversibility of transmission.

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