What is the noise of the gear of the worm gear reducer? Jun 21 , 2019
During the operation of our reducer, there may be different faults. The cause of each problem is different. Then we often encounter the noise of the reducer. The components of the reducer have A lot, what is the noise there, we now say that the gear has noise.

We give you a specific analysis of the situation, there are several factors in the formation of noise in the gear, especially in the case of high-speed operation, so we have to find out the reason, the accuracy of the gear is not high, we can improve Take a look at its accuracy so that its noise is small.

And its gear surface is not very smooth, improve the smoothness of the gear surface can reduce the friction, the spacing between the gears is too small, we can enlarge the interval between them, the interval is larger, the corresponding noise will be small some.

In addition, in the process of using, the speed should not be too fast, high load operation, which can reduce certain noise, and the low noise also indicates that the mechanical operation is normal, so the life will be prolonged.
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