What are the cooling methods for the worm gear reducer? Apr 16 , 2019

1. The equipment cooling coil in the tank oil pool, the cooling water in the tube takes away some of the heat of the lubricating oil.

2. The worm gear and the worm gear are cooled by an electric fan. An electric fan is added to the outer shaft of the worm to increase the heat dissipation and reach the temperature drop.

3. Add heat-dissipating fins outside the box to increase the heat dissipation surface.

4. Worm gear reducer equipment lubricating oil external circulation equipment, lower oil temperature. The worm gear reducer is planned to traverse its power. The worm gear is made of non-ferrous metal. The main data worm is generally made of hard steel. Therefore, the use of a large amount of heat in the application, coupled with the influence of the ambient temperature, is difficult to control the temperature of the reducer. Use within the temperature range. The operating temperature of the worm gear reducer should be controlled at -40℃ ~ 40℃ when the ambient temperature is lower than 0 ℃, it is recommended to heat before the oil is fully dissolved or use a low freezing point lubricant.

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