Screw lift working principle Oct 18 , 2018
Screw lift is a kind of basic lifting components, which can accomplish the functions of deceleration and lifting at the same time via the combination of worm and worm gear. The lifting part is composed of screw rod and worm gear.
worm screw lift structure diagram

Worm gear screw jacks’ worm adopts GB 9-4 copper worm material is 40Cr, screw rod generally adopts 45 # steel, but stainless steel screw also can be customized according to the special needs of users. Screw lift screw and lead screw must be through special heat treatment and grilled by worm mill .

Screw lift has a variety of installation types and assembly types, to adapt to a variety of industries . Such as: mechanical processing heavy-duty fastening device lifts, flip devices and plastic processing machines, etc .; installation and maintenance of ladders and tools for lifting racks, locomotive maintenance lifts; rolling mill clearance adjustment, pipe or sheet conveyor position adjustment; Architectural aspects of mobile devices and the finished product for the template, the windows can be raised and lowered, walls etc .;  the stage which can be lifted for cultural and health , adjust the height of the pool floor, adjust the height of the operating table; water conservancy gate for the reservoir and the protection board, can be used for aspects of human where it is not convenient to adjust the height by human..
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