Screw Jack Lifting Systems for Crank Table Nov 09 , 2018
As a professional high-end automated processing equipment company in screw jack lifting system, Ludetransmission supply a complete lifting solutions for crank table, including screw jacks, cast iron crank handles, couplings and connecting shafts. Following your design technical parameters like
table sizes, loads, lift height etc, our engineers will select the correct models of above products.

crank table screw jack

At present, we offered 1 ton screw jack mechanism, 2.5 ton screw jack mechanism,

and 5 ton screw jack mechanism for table building customers.

According to the table size, 2-set screw jack mechanism/3-set screw jack mechanism/4--set screw jack mechanism are optional.

With the crank table loading capacity,lifting height,distance between screw jacks, we can give customers whole solution.When loading capacity is big, the guide support will be suggested. Because screw jacks are designed primarily to raise and lower axial loads and any side loads should be avoided. The jacks will withstand some side loads, depending on the diameter of the lifting screw and the extended length of the lifting screw. For most of table sizes not small, when put the loads on the table, the loads is not uniform on the lifting screw, where side loads are present, the loads should be guided and the guides, rather than the screw jacks, should take the side loads -particularly when long raises are involved. Even a small side load on the table, which can exert great force on the screw jacks housings and bearings and increase the operating torque and reduce the life expectancy.

At last,let's see how the screw jack mechanisms work from the below video.

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