Precautions for the use of worm gear screw jacks Apr 25 , 2019

The worm gear screw jack is a common linear transmission device. It uses a worm gear to drive the screw to lift, flip and so on , to complete a series of actions. It is extremely convenient to use. 

As long as the necessary maintenance measures are taken during use, there will be no use failure. Here is a brief description of the use of the screw lift.

First,  customers should check the screw jack as soon as possible after receiving the screw jack . If the cargo is damaged during transportation, it is forbidden to use and immediately notify the transportation company. During the handling of the worm gear screw jack, if you need to bear other loads, please use suitable handling equipment with sufficient handling capacity. Please remove all shipping fixtures before operation.

Before the screw jack tested, in addition to adding grease to the cabinet (the company has already added it at the factory), the surface of the screw shaft must also be coated with grease. When the jack is stored for more than one year, the service life of the oil in the tank and the oil in the bearing will be shortened. Oil replacement time, lithium based lubricant, 8000 hours.

During the operation of the screw jack, whenever there is a suspicious abnormal phenomenon (such as abnormality such as temperature rise, noise, vibration, etc., it should be immediately stopped for inspection, the cause should be identified and the abnormality should be used after use; no artificial forced shutdown should be carried out, otherwise the screw jack will be otherwise the lift will be seriously damaged. In the case of load, do not change the input shaft drive mode of the ball screw jack to manual operation. The load may cause the input shaft to rotate very dangerously. When the screw jack works in a dusty place, be sure to select the dust-proof telescopic sleeve attachment to protect the lead screw. When using it outdoors, be sure to consider using a device such as a housing so that the machine is not directly exposed to wind and rain.
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