Is A Lifting System Available? Aug 09 , 2018

When the single screw jack cannot meet the need or is very big, we think of the multiple screw jacks system.Screw Jack Systems offer comprehensive lifting and positioning design solutions for a wide variety of industries.They are suitable for heavy load and big objects.

Frequently several screw jacks are required to lift a load in synchronisation.  They can be mounted in line or in a T, H or U configuration, see below picture.  In each case as single motor or geared motor is used and connection is made by spacer shaft couplings and bevel gearboxes as required.

worm gear screw jack systems

Such systems are readily possible but care is needed particularly on the dimensional layout. Coupling rotation speeds may be limited and hence a gearbox is often used to reduce the motor speed.  Ideally metal disc shaft couplings are selected because they are torsionally rigid.  In some cases jaw couplings with high stiffness may be acceptable at a lower cost.

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