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machine screw jacks lifts
Worm Gear ACME Screw Jacks 20ton
ACME worm screw jacks are widely used, they are suitable for heavy load and low speed, and they have self-lock function.
crank table screw jack
Hand-operated Crank Table Lift Mechanism
Crank table is an common appliance of Hand-operated Screw Jack. We offer 2.5ton  and 5ton screw jack mechanism now.
Worm Gear Screw jack
SWL Series Worm Gear Screw jack
1.Performance Table  2.Main features for acme screw jack SWL screw jack is suitable for low speed and low frequency. Main components:Precision trapezoid screw pair and high precision worm-gear pair. 1.Economical: Compact design,easy operation,convenient maintenance. 2.Low speed and low frequency Be suitable for heavy load,low speed,low service frequency. 3.Self-lock Trapezoidal screw has self-lock function,it can hold up load without braking device when screw stops traveling. 4. Widely applied in industries such as machinery, metellurgy, construction and hydraulic equipment. 5. Top End: top plate, clevis end, threaded end, plain end
Electric Linear Actuators
Industrial Electric Linear Actuators with AC motor
The electric linear actuator is a real power pack. As usual a critical installation space and lowest possible price are the basic constants of our design.
cubic screw jack
Cubic Ball Screw Jack Supplier
Ball screw jacks combine the gear unit with a linear drive performed by a ball screw that, in comparison with the traditional acme screw, offers following advantages: • higher total efficiency • longer life of the whole linear drive system The following two comparative examples give an idea of the higher efficiency that can be obtained with this system: • considering a screw jack consisting of a worm gear with linear drive performed by an acme screw,  the total efficiency of the screw jack is between 10 % and 40 % • considering a screw jack consisting of a worm gear with linear drive performed by a ball screw, the  total efficiency of the screw jack is between 30 % and 70 % Our Ball screw jacks are available in two different models: • travelling screw (Model A,namely translating type) • travelling nut (Model B,namely rotating type)
worm screw jack with handle
Manual trapezoidal screw jack with handwheel
Manual Screw Jack is made up of hand wheel or hand crank and a worm gear screw jack. It is suitable for applications where electricity or power generators is inconvenient or dangerous, light weight, low duty cycle, low target cost and short travel length.
ACME Screw jacks
Customzied Sluice Gate Screw Jack with Clevis End
ACME screw actuator is common used and has the advantage of low cost and heavy load.
cubic ball worm gear screw jack
Mini Size High Precision Screw Jack
SJB ball screw jack lift has 13 models,dynamic load from 11kN to 111kN.
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