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ACME Screw jacks
Trapezoidal Screw Jack for Sluice Gate
Trapezoidal Screw Jack is common used and has the advantage of low cost and heavy load.
2T Cubic compact stainless steel screw jack
2T Cubic compact stainless steel screw jack
Load range: 0.5ton-20ton The linear speed of the putter can reach 30mm/s Maximum input speed is 1500RPM Various input forms The 10-minute work system is 20% and the working environment temperature is -10 degrees Celsius-70 degrees Celsius
Four Set Screw Jack Lifting System Price for screw jack lifting platform
when hydraulic, pneumatic or chain systems are prohibitive choices. These jacking system arrangements or configurations can be built in many formats with the use of bevel gearboxes, motors, reduction gearboxes, drive shafts, couplings, plummer blocks and motion control devices. Four of the most popular system configurations are the ‘H’, ‘U’, ‘T’ and ‘I’ configured jacking systems. Note that multiple screw jacks can be linked together mechanically or electrically. The latter is useful if there is no space for linking drive shafts. A screw jack system is where more than one screw jack is operated in unison to achieve a linear movement. The screw jack system arrangement is also commonly referred to as a “screw jacking system”.
ball screw electric cylinder
Ball screw lifting electric linear actuator
An electric linear actuator is a device that converts the rotational motion of a motor into linear motion – that is push and pull movements.
Gear Screw Jack for Crank Table
Two- Set Worm Gear Screw Jack for Crank Table Lifting
The Worm Gear Screw Jack are ideal solutions for applications where electricity or power generators is inconvenient or dangerous, light weight, low duty cycle, low target cost and short travel length. 
12 volt linear actuators for sale
LD40 Electric Linear Actuator
The Electric Linear Actuator can be driven by DC motor 12/24/36/48V, single phase / three-phase AC motor 220/380V, stepper motor.
Heavy duty servo electric cylinder
Heavy duty high efficiency servo electric cylinder
This linear servo actuator is available with ball screws , in different sizes and stroke lengths to fit a wide range of applications .
cubic ball worm gear screw jack
Mini Size High Precision Screw Jack
SJB ball screw jack lift has 13 models,dynamic load from 11kN to 111kN.
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